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“Pristine Potty was created as a mobile application to help consumers rate the restrooms of their favorite dining spots. With the goal of creating better service for dining experiences, Pristine Potty’s mission is to elevate restaurants service and raise dining standards globally. In an age of pandemic unrest and hygiene consciousness, the Pristine Potty app is dedicated to being the authority on pristine standards for an enjoyable experience…”

Creating Better Service For Every Dining Experience.

Pristine Rating

Pristine Rating

•No Visual Trash
•No Visual Waste
•No Offensive Smells
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Needs Help Rating

Needs Help

•Some Visual Trash
•Some Visual Waste
•Some Offensive Smells
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S.O.S. Rating


•Restroom is Dirty
•Not Proper for Paying Patron
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Receive Micro-discounts towards your dining experience.

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Cleaner Restrooms / Better Dining

Restaurants with poor restroom conditions is a large concern in places where we dine with our families. Some 50% of restaurant patrons who have a negative experience with a restroom will less likely enjoy their overall experience or return to dine in the future.

Restaurants Owe You Their Best Efforts

All customers should provide feedback to create more accountability for clean restrooms in all dining establishments.

Social Responsibility

In an age of pandemics and hygiene consciousness, restaurants owe it to the general public to maintain pristine restrooms and service facilities.

Getting Rewarded

Receive incentives for rating establishments. Pristine Potty is partnered with thousands of local restaurant and chains to provide you with coupons and rewards.

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Penny For Your Thought

Pristine Potty is the first app that allows patrons to receive incentives for their ratings and basic feedback on restroom cleanliness in restaurants worldwide.

Premium Establishments offer a consistent standard of excellence for their patrons:

Restrooms that have an overall pristine rating.

Participates in incentives for your valuable ratings.

Overall high standards of quality in service.

Establishments are eligible for extended ratings, up to a three-stars, based on the history of daily patron ratings.

"This app will change dining experiences forever. I'll only dine at Pristine Establishments."

Pristine Potty: Rate Restaurant Restrooms and Facilities

Pristine Potty is the voice of service for Patrons. Download the app today via the App Store or Play Store and start rating restroom establishments globally.

Price Currency: USD

Operating System: IOS 13, Android 10

Application Category: Utility

Editor's Rating:
Pristine Rating


Cleanliness and safety go hand in hand to provide a clean restroom for patrons. This demonstrates that you care about their health and safety. Pristine ratings are provided by keeping their restrooms in pristine condition with no visual trash, no visual waste, and no offensive smells.

Needs Help Rating


The primary goal for a restaurant should be to make their patrons feel comfortable as if they were in their own home. A "Needs help" rating means that the restroom has some visual trash, some visual waste and some offensive smells. When you rate a restroom as "Needs Help," you are communicating to the restaurant owners they should address the concern to avoid further unsanitary conditions.

S.O.S. Rating


The impact of an unclean bathroom on a customer's perception of your business can last through the entire dining experience. Customers can equate the cleanliness of a restroom with the cleanliness of the restaurant as a whole. When you rate a restroom as "S.O.S." they are stating that the restroom is very dirty and not proper for a paying customer. When providing this rating, your are communicating to the business owner that the cleanliness of their restroom is steering away business, as well as negatively impacting the success of their brand.